I am Tom Grady, the Mayor of Narberth and this is my website.

The best part of living in a small town (besides walking in a Parade) is the opportunity to know your neighbors, make great friends and work toward enriching each other’s lives.

Through my “Meet the Mayor” program, I seek to strengthen the connection between our residents and the police officers that serve our community.

Some call it “community policing”, I call it being a good friend and neighbor.

I have been holding “Meet the Mayor” sessions on the 4th Wednesday of every month at Borough Hall at 7:30 P.M. I will continue to hold those sessions, but I also have a Friday morning program of “Meet the Mayor” where I will go to your street with my lieutenant and an officer from our department to talk over coffee any and all issues that concern or interest you.

We will meet you on the corner of your street or in the comfort of your home. Hopefully the result will be that you get to know your men and women that serve you and strengthen the trust that you have in our department.

Please join us.

Your friend and mayor,

Tom Grady

P.S.--Call me, any time, if you need to talk before any meeting.

My home telephone number is 610-660-9541 or e-mail me at grady@tfgrady.com(or just click the button below).

New! I can be reached through a Google Voice Account! Just call (484) 278-1660!

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